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McIntire Rare Collectibles

If you are looking to buy or sell rare or collectible coins and currency, there is only one place you should be going – McIntire Rare Collectibles. Our experienced staff is here to help you with any questions you may have about what your items could be worth.

You can add to your coin collection with our large selection of antique and collectible coins and currency. From modern commemoratives to civil war coins, increase the worth of your collection when you stop by our shop today.

Buy or sell your collectible coins and currency

  • Proof and uncirculated coins
  • Modern commemoratives
  • Civil war coins
  • Certificates
  • Gold and silver Bullion coins
  • Annual coin sets

Bring your old gold jewelry to us
Have gold jewelry you don’t wear anymore? Bring them to us and we’ll buy it from you.

Looking for that missing piece to add to your coin collection? Call McIntire Rare Collectibles today at 501-985-1663 for your local authorized PCGS dealer.

Jacksonville, AR - Coins and Currency - McIntire Rare Collectibles


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